Exterior joinery is not totally wind or rain proof and in some cases extreme weather can affect the joinery over time - extreme weather is considered to be driving rain, direct sunlight and extreme humidity.

Joinery can have minor warping or twisting of up to 6mm and is expected. Seasonal changes in temperature and moisture can also cause shrinkage or expansion of the joinery. Variations in coloure, texture or grain is also to be expected which we can't control and are not considered to be defects.

Here are our top tips for caring for your joinery:

  • Joinery should be painted in clean and dry conditions prior to being installed and exposed to the elements.
  • Ensure that there is 100% coverage and sealing of all of the joinery surfaces. The product should be sealed or painted with an "oil based" product which is then resilient to UV rays. A 4 coat paint procedure will make a big difference - recommend 1 primer coat, 1 undercoat and 2 x topcoats. Ensure that the paint overlaps and seals the glass by 2mm - this prevents egress of moisture and condensation.
  • A waterproof skin needs to be maintained throughout its lifespan. Maintenance would include re-coating when wear starts to show. Recoating should occur as early as possible when wear begins to show.
  • Try not to paint exterior joinery in dark colours that are exposed to the sun because wear is more likely to appear.
  • Before installation of joinery into openings make sure that there will be no structural loading that will need to be supported by the joinery. It is not designed as a structural support and must be fixed true to line, level and plum both vertically and horizontally.
  • Joinery should not be trimmed by more than 5mm. Exterior doors should always have at least 3 hinges and this is recommended for all doors.
  • By following these steps will ensure that your joinery maintains it's top class look.

    For more information about caring for your joinery please contact one of our team either by email: Contact us or phone (04) 387 7822

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